Fitness Event with Crunch Gym - BODYSHRED & Ass n Abs Class

This year I've decided to try new things when it comes to working out. I love to run and I've been doing a pilates class twice a week but when Brianne from StrollerintheCity invited me to this Fitness Event with Crunch Gym - BODYSHRED and Ass n Abs Class, I knew this was something I had to do. 

I've workout at gyms in the past and I really enjoy taking classes. They motivate me to push myself and being in a group environment totally makes the workout fly by, because well, you are distracted from the pain in your legs and sweat dripping down your face!! 

This new Crunch location is top of the line. It's called the Signature Club and it's on 66th street in Manhattan. The equipment is brand new and even the mats were squeaky clean, which I totally appreciated. This location offers unlimited group fitness classes and feels like a boutique studio. Find a Crunch Gym near you.

BODY SHRED is a total body workout that incorporates circuit blocks that are 6 minutes each. There is no stopping and the best part is that the workout keeps changing. Once that circuit block is over, you switch to another set of muscles. It is high energy and by far one of the best workout classes at a gym that I've ever taken. Then we took a small recovery break about 5 minutes long and then went into a nice calm Ass n Abs class. It left me wanting more, so thanks Crunch Gym and Brianne for a great new workout!

After sweating our butts off, we were treated to a yummy high protein smoothie by Just Salad and an unbelievable goodie bag with some impressive sponsors.

The next class on my list to try is No Gravity Yoga... Stay tuned!