Fall Fashion Trends - My Must Haves!


Every wardrobe needs a seasonal refresh... I tend to wear the same things throughout the season and love when the seasons change and I get to mix it up! Plus, who doesn’t love shopping!! Here are the Must Have items I’ll be adding to my fall wardrobe.

Fall Fashion 2018 Collage_Fotor_Fotor.jpg
  1. Statement Boot- I just love having something I can put on with almost any outfit that really makes a POP. That is why I love this trend. There are so many amazing boots out there for everyone’s style. Incorporate your favorite fall boot to update your existing wardrobe!

  2. All Things Glitter- Glitter has been a trend for a while but it is not going anywhere especially with the holidays right around the corner. Invest in something that is versatile and can be warn numerous times throughout the season and into the winter. A great glitter skirt or even a boot or jacket will leave you right on trend!

  3. Sleek And Sexy- Less is more with this trend. Having the right silhouette is key here. Details are in the fabrics and cuts. Go for something that is elegant and makes you feel your best! Pair this with other trends this season for a killer look!

  4. Plaid- Such a perfect season to wear this trend. From the pumpkin patch to Thanksgiving dinner and even cozying up next to the fire, plaid is a staple this season. I love mixing trends and this one is one of the best to incorporate into what you already own plus a statement boot will be totally killer this Fall!

  5. Oversized- I can’t get enough of the oversized sleeve and shoulders on many of the sweaters and jackets out this seasons. It is one of the most fun trends and will amp up your fashion game for sure. Just don’t do it all over and my recommendation is to pick a sleek counterpart to even out this look.

  6. Prairie- Such a huge trend this summer but it’s not totally forgotten and if I can get some more use out of some of my favorite summer pieces than I am all for it! Try that cute prairie dress or skirt with a perfect fall sweater or jacket. I also love mixing the pairie skirts with boots for fall. One of my favorite looks and so easy to wear.

  7. Floral- Florals were all over the Fall runway and I love the mix of the feminine floral with the sophisticated darker color stories. To decide if your floral is on trend, a few things to keep in mind are to steer away from summery bold pastel or lightly colored florals. Stick with a darker background with a muted pattern. This trend works perfectly with a sleek blazer and statement boot.

  8. Neons- Although a bit tricky to wear, I have seen this trend all over NYC and have become a fan. I love the small pop of color but make sure to pair this with muted, simple and sleek pieces. If you really want to make a statement pair a neon turtleneck with a modern plaid and you will be a fall fashion favorite.

  9. 80’s- Seeing as neon is back instyle, I am not surprised that the 80’s are back. I like to this of this as more or the late 80’s and early 90’s as opposed to just saying the 80’s. The early 80’s is not what I am referring to here. Think Julia Roberts Rolling Stones Cover in 1990. It’s all about the demin and leather jackets. Oh, and those “belt bags” that we all still call fanny packs!