Cabi Launches the New Fall Line


I know everyone has been asking about the amazing Cabi event that I went to recently. So here are all the details! 


If you haven't heard about Cabi yet, don't worry!! I will get you up to speed! Cabi is fashion brand that focuses on building relationships and connections. They offer a unique way to shop and provide woman with the opportunity to have a career by becoming a Cabi Stylist! Their goal is to create 20,000 jobs by 2020! 


This brand perfectly marries style with function. And I was fortunate to be included in the new Fall Collection Launch! They even gifted us with a couple of pieces from the Spring Collection just to wear to the event! How amazing, right?!


I love fashion and this event did not disappoint! I loved seeing the new line on display where we were encouraged to try on EVERYTHING!! So much fun...


As we sipped the signature "Full House" rose colored cocktails and sampled the most decadent sweets, the Fall Fashion Show was being broadcasted throughout the room.  All the attendees had a front row seat to view the new looks on the runway and also some behind the scenes from the show. I loved seeing how they paired all the different pieces from the line and styled them to help provide inspirational looks for their customers. There was even a section of the show where the founder herself, Kimberly Inskeep, gave us a motivational speech which really struck me. Can we all say #GIRLPOWER!!!!!


Check out the new line for yourself available NOW! I picked out so many amazing pieces I can't wait to wear them this Fall!

To learn more about becoming a Cabi Stylist click here.


This is a sponsored post but all comments and thoughts are my own.