MomTrends Back-To-School Bash 2017

Start this school year with a bang!

Having three kids with such strong and unique personalities makes it a challenge preparing them for the new school year ahead.

Brent, for the first time, will be attending a 2's program (crazy right!!) and the older two are in need of new lunch boxes and backpacks. I have washed and cleaned their old lunch boxes so many times but by the end of the year, we are all ready to toss them. Their backpacks are so worn and dingy that treating them to a fresh new one is a must in my house.

And I have to say I just love this one by 12Little. They are so light weight and stylish! Brinkley always brings so many things back and forth each day that her backpack probably weighs more than her. I couldn't believe how light weigh this backpack is and I know she will love making it her own!

Here I am picking out the perfect patches!

 The highlight of the night was Brinkley modeling the beautiful line of clothing by Orchestra. She lite up the runway with that smile and she loved the super stylish denim overalls. 

I loved the "Lost & Found" that the Mom Trends teams created with Name Bubbles which is a line of personalized name tags. They had a personalized item for each blogger and we had to dig through the bin to find ours. How fun is that!! I found this beautiful aqua water bottle that I absolutely LOVE! These little name tags attach to anything and help keep your items out of the lost and found!! 

We all snacked on Raisels which are delicious little bursts of sour and sweet golden raisons. I don't think snacking could get any better and more fun! Plus each little box is a full serving of fruit. Healthy and yummy! The kids will think they are having candy but all us mom's will know the truth! 

To keep our little models busy backstage, Hasbro Gaming provided so many fun new games to keep them entertained! I watched as the kids enjoyed exploring all these fun games they haven't played before. Plus some originals. And all the bloggers got to go home with their very own. Perfect way to spend the last few weeks of summer, right?! Thanks Hasbro! 

No back-to-school event would be complete with out having Staples on hand to provide us with all the necessities plus so many new fun creative ways to reinvent the norm. I just love these little highlighter erasers. And I know the kids will too:)

To keep our belly's full and to help guide us with some amazing lunch ideas, JC's Pie BitesOzery BakeryNOSH and Kite Hill were there to help. Gosh, I wish my home lunches were this good when I was growing up! These kids have no idea how lucky there are!

So many amazing goodies and so much fun! I have all the mommy ammo I need to help me be prepared for this school year! Thanks team Mom-Trends and all my mommy blogger buddies for an unforgettable evening!