The New York Baby Show 2017 Top 3 Picks

I had the best time at the New York Baby Show!! 

There were so many products and people I was excited to see. I was lucky enough to be able to host the Blogger Broadcast booth for MomTrends and was fortunate to get to see and test out the best of the best from the show! All the bloggers brought their top picks to the booth. I was able to talk one on one with tons of other mommy bloggers about their finds and in turn I fell in love with many, if not all, of the same products myself!

One of the highlights of this show for me was meeting someone I have admired for years, Dr. Harvey Karp author of the Happiest Baby on the Block book that I just loved and worshiped. His book helped me so much and I really relied on the 5 S's when my little ones were first born. He showed his new creation call the SNOO and it is everything you could want in a baby sleeper and so much more. I WISH so much that it existed even just a year and a half ago when I had Brent. I would have bought it in a second. It swings and hums to the baby when they first start to wake. It can help with those long sleepless nights when baby is getting used to the world for the first time and mommy is tired and still recovering from childbirth and beyond. 

I would like to highlight a common theme that I noticed as more and more products rolled through the broadcast booth. There were so many companies focused on creating innovative environmentally safe products and using sustainable materials. And, who wouldn't want something that is safe for the earth that we are leaving behind for the very little ones that we will be using the products on... So, here are my top 3 Picks "Best In Show" for the 2017 NY Baby Show:

1. Greentom-  Greentom is a young, innovative company that designs and develops sustainable, smart and practical products using the design concept “less-is-more.” Making stollers and carseat adapters (they are compatible with the Cybex Aton & Cloud Q, Maxi-Cosi 0+ and Pebble, and Nuna Pipa).

Greentom stroller frames are made of recycled plastic and the fabrics are made of recycled drinking bottles. You can find the number of recycled bottles on the product. All materials can be recycled and reused. This makes Greentom products sustainable according to the circular principle. All Greentom products are extensively tested, safe and contain no harmful chemicals. For more information visit: 

Plus these designs are super chic and stylish. I just love the colors and the slim sleek design. 

2. Poof Baby DiapersPoof Diapers (luxebabyINC.), America's leading designer and manufacturer of high performance, premium eco-friendly diaper products founded in Silicon Valley, the first-ever fully biodegradable, couture-designed, and fully compostable* diapers – and an Earth Week 2017 challenge to American families to begin to eliminate diaper waste, today.

"Diapers are the third largest consumer item in landfills, and represent 30% of non-biodegradable waste," said Debra Lee, founder & CEO of Poof Diapers. "The only other items that outnumber diapers in landfills are newspapers and food and beverage containers, for which we have many good recycling options. The time is now to begin solving the dirty and dangerous problem of diaper waste."  Poof diapers are made with the company's own patented and engineer-optimized fabrics. Their breakthrough, proprietary diaper material is constructed with non-gmo corn, certified to world-wide biodegradable standards, and is compostable*. 

And you can't forget to mention the cute colors and patterns. They are also soft and comfy for your little ones.

3. B.Sensible- Natural & Sustainable Bedding for baby, kids and adults- There are so many great features about this product.  Mainly, that it is waterproof and avoids stinky situations by having an odor reducing quality as well as calming eucalyptus scent. But, what makes me the most excited is that it is also eco-friendly.  They use a Botanic Fiber... TENCEL® is the lyocell fiber from the house of Lenzing. It is of botanic origin, since it is extracted from the raw material wood. Fiber production itself is extremely ecofriendly, due to the closed loop system. On the day that the fiber TENCEL® was invented, a new chapter was written in the history of fibers. Textiles of TENCEL® are more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen. 

I pulled this info from their website but there is so much more info on there so check it out! I have to mention that the fabric is soft and stretchy like a cotton tee shirt. I only saw the pale pink crib sheet in person and I loved it. Thanks Karen from for sharing this product with us! Here is our review from the broadcast booth.


4. Water Wipes- I know that I said top 3 picks but I have to say I just fell head over heals for this last product and didn't want to leave them out. This wipe became a favorite in my house overnight. It's made from water and fruit extract. That's it!! We love that we can wipe almost anything clean with it without having a harsh soapy feel when we are done. This wipe is so light and fresh that I have been bringing them with me everywhere even when I am not with the baby or kids. I just love it for myself and definitely will be ordering more of these ASAP!