Andrew McCarthy Mamarazzi Event #Kmartmoms for the "Just Fly Away" Book Launch

Two of my favorite movies of all time are Weekend At Bernie's and Mannequin.

I can't wait untill my kids are old enough to watch them with me. So when I was invited to the latest Mamarazzi Event hosted by The Moms last week at Kmart for the launch of Andrew McCarthy's new, young adult novel Just Fly Away, my heart almost skipped a beat!

My 80's childhood dream of meeting one of my favoroite actors came true!! And I loved hearing what he had to say. Despite chasing around my 18 month old all over the woman clothing section of the midtown Manhattan Kmart, I simply had a blast and it was a moment I will never forget. 

Andrew McCarthy is talented and seemingly downtown earth normal father who even said his kids think he is "ancient history." 

Just Fly Away is a book about a young girl who discovers her family's secret; that her father had an affair and another child. The trials of figuring out life as a young teen and dealing with the lies is intriguing and heart felt. 

Pick up a copy today!