It Is Never Too Early To Start Saving

Let me first just say, that it is every mom's dream to have their little one's cook them a meal and not the other way around... for once! Right?!!!

Recently, at the Mom Trends event at the ICE Institute of Culinary Education, that is exactly what happened and I enjoyed every second of it. The kids started off by decorating their own chef hats and aprons. And when they were done, they headed straight to the kitchen to make lunch for all their moms. 

While, the kids were engrossed in cooking, the moms headed to the side room to learn all about the Vanguard 529 Savings Plan

My husband is really on top of this and luckily we already have a 529 Plan for both of the older kids. We will start Brent's 529 Plan right away, no doubt. 

I however, wasn't fully aware of what this plan is all about other than it's a way to start slowly saving for your child's college tuition. I learned so much about the benefits of starting this specific plan over other saving plans AND that it can save you up to $10,000 on your tax refunds. Which is huge. Other benefits of this plan are that you can share this saved money with other family members if you choose as well as the fact that it can be used toward trade schools and toward their other college expenses like books and room and board. 

College tuition scares me so much. I have three kids and I know they will all go on to have a college degree. At least, I hope and pray they will. And with the 529 plan I know it will make it easier for all of us, when that time comes, that they have money waiting to help support their dreams. 


Once, the lunch was ready we all headed back to the kitchen. Our noses lead us right to the large buffet style lunch table that was stocked with an abundance of the most delicious pastas dishes from aldredo to gnocchi as well as mouth watering mozzarella sticks but the best part were the garlic knots in shapes that the kids created like snowmen and hearts!! Adorable, and delicious. 

Dessert of course, was served and what else would it be than, cupcakes!