Halos - Delicious and Nutritious

What mom doesn't want to pack a healthy snack or lunch for their kids?!

That's why I love Halos so much. This pint size snack is perfect for on the go and it is so juicy and delicious. Oh, and did I say nutritious?!

Packed with vitamin C and loads of other health benefits, this little morsel is my family's favorite.

I have learned so many great ways to use Halos in other recipes. I just love the idea of making a fresh salad and throwing in a few bites of the yummy mandarin sweetness of Halos.

Or, using them in a smoothie. My daughter loves this! And my son's favorite Halos recipe is making Granita. It's like a frozen little cup of goodness! For more ideas and recipes, check out their website www.halosfun.com.

For all you DIY moms, like myself, try this all natural household cleaner idea. It smells great, is totally kid friendly and you won't spend top dollar buying similar products at the store. All you need is:

  1. Halos mandarin peels
  2. White Vinegar
  3. Large Jar with lid
  4. Fine-mesh sieve
  5. Spray bottle

How to make: 

  1. Save the peels from the Halos as you eat them. Fill up the jar until about half way full
  2. Pour Vinegar over the peels until jar is full. Screw lid on jar and let sit for two weeks in dark, cool area like a cabinet.
  3. Use the fine mesh sieve to strain out the cleaning solution.
  4. Pour into spray bottle
  5. Share a photo of your Halos Cleaner using #Halosfun

Halos has also came up with a super cute and rewarding sticker game for all our little academics. This will help them study their geography too, how great! So head over to your local store to buy a box of Halos. Download from their site, the sticker map, and each day peel the state sticker off the Halos and have them match it to the state on the map! So fun! Collect them all and mail in to Halos to enter for a chance to win a sweet prize. For all the details check click here.

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