Best Winter Stroller - The Joovy Cocoon and Cocoon X2

Getting around the NYC streets in the winter months can be brutal. Add a couple of little ones to the mix and it becomes nearly impossible. That's why I chose this amazing Cocoon Stroller by Joovy for my family. It has been a life changer. I don't know what I would do without it!

A few years ago my children were waitlisted at our local school; which was right next door to my building! In the mean time, until a spot opened up, we were sent to a nearby school. It is a great school so I didn't mind my children going there but I did mind the long walk to get there and back everyday. It was about 1 mile walk each way. Which is 4 miles just going to and from... needless to say exhausting. And as the weather started to get colder and colder the reality of this commute started to set in. There were no real mass transit options. So I knew it was going to be my job to physically get them there. 

My daughter was a little over 3 at the time and my older son just turned 5. There aren't many double stollers that will hold children of this age. They are mainly for infants to toddlers and maybe small children but since the space is so limited we had already outgrown our previous double stroller. I set out on a mission and knew I could make this work.. I had no choice!! 

And my prayers were answered when I discovered this amazing stroller by Joovy. I actually felt like they had created this just for me and my family! It was perfect. Yes, my husband may have questioned me about it a little but as soon as we received ours in the mail and the kids hopped in, we were all sure this was the perfect decision. 

There is actually what we like to call, a trunk! Like in a car, since well, this was kind of like my car. It's how we got everywhere. So you can pack everything you will need for the day. There are even cup holders for the kids inside. The best part is that the children were bundled up and protected from the harsh winter winds as well as all the elements like snow and rain with a mesh zipper lining and then a plastic protective sheet in the front. Which you can also roll up when not in use. The last few winters in the city were pretty bad and we've used this a lot. I also like it in the warmer months with the cover open!! It is just to comfy for the kids to sit and relax on long walks.

Some of the amazing features about the Joovy Cocoon are that it can also be attached to a bike or be converted into a jogging stroller. Also, what I really love is that the seats go up to 100lbs. So my children would have room to grow in this. Another great feature is the 4 way harness and shoulder straps the keep a little one safe as well. I would recommend waiting until your little guy (or gal) is atleast 1 year old or sitting up right properly. There are so many great feature about this stroller that people started to take notice. I know at least 4 people in my building alone that have purchased this stroller as well. And of my besties, Melanie from Petit Elephant, has it too but in the single child version. Read more about this stroller on Joovy's website or let me know if you have any questions, and I'd be happy to help answer them in the comments section below.

Thanks Joovy for the amazing products that are made for modern moms!