Visiting the "DR"

If you don't know what the DR is don't worry. I didn't realize the Dominican Republic was abbreviate to DR until we were planning our last family vacation. We love going away in the summer and this summer was no exception.

Our friends live there all summer but during the school year they are in Manhattan. We decided to visit them for a few days and then stay at our own place for another week. 

Our first stop was Casa De Campo. 

It was amazing having the kids staying all under one roof. I guess it's not that different than all living in the same high rise building but being in a different country. 

Casa De Campo has everything you could ever wish or dream for. Beautiful beach, delicious restaurants and some novelty shopping. Its very exclusive and vast. You will need to have a golf cart or car to get around the property.

Eden Rock, Cap Cana - Inspirato Residence

This place is gorgeous. The home we stayed at was beyond beautiful. Although unique in it's architecture (the entry way had no front door and the upstairs was totally accessible from the outside *risky in general but super scary with kids) the stunning home we stayed at created so many amazing memories that I know we will all have forever. 

I may have slept with one eye open the entire time but we felt so isolated and relaxed this trip! The weather was very hot as it should be in the Dominican in the summer. But we had an amazing pool and managed to escape the heat as much as possible. 

Check out some of my favorite pictures from the trip!