Chicest Travel Accessory... And it's FUNCTIONAL!!!

Headed out of town? Need help getting all your stuff and the kids stuff through the airport? Well... Try this amazing product we discovered for our summer vacation. 

We bought these amazing scooter bags for our summer trip to the DR. And the kids absolutely loved them. My daughter gets tired fast from all the walking and I knew I'd be pushing the baby in the stroller and not able to help her. So I found these cool carry-on's and they really did the trick!

They are scooters and carry-ons.  They are functional and super chic! Everyone will love them as you glide through the airport with smiling children! Instead of carrying ton's of extra baggage and crying children who can't walk any farther!

The only issue we had, was with the quality of the bag itself...  is not amazing. The zipper and bag are not made that well. The bag itself is not that big. About the size of a medium size backpack. 

Although, I think this product is amazing and I still recommend it. The best part about this is the fact that there is a scooter built in.

The scooter folds up and you can easy store them under the seat in front of you on a plane or in the overhead. The scooter is not like a regular scooter. It does't steer as well as a regular scooter and does have a bag on the front of it. So, be sure to have the kids practice at home so they don't get frustrated at the airport. 

Overall, I think the kids really enjoyed having the extra help getting them around. Plus, it does help with the baggage that you would carry. I know that even if I pack a lightweight bag for the kids, I still wind up carrying it!