Teletubbies 20th Anniversary... Can you believe it? I can't!!!!


Iconic kids’ characters celebrate their 20th anniversary in New York style. I still can't even believe it's been that long. I was a little too old to get into them when they first arrived on the scene but now that they are back, it is a perfect time! 

My daughter just loves their cute little faces and voices! And my little guy is just mesmerized by pretty much everything they do!!

If you are not familiar their names they are Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po. These are all four characters from the Teletubbies which is one of the most successful children’s TV shows of all time!

And Celebrating their 20th anniversary of entertaining kids, with a lavish celebration for children of all ages.

I just love seeing the new generation of children fall in love with these adorable creatures!

10 years ago today, Mayor Bloomberg presented the Teletubbies with the keys to NYC.  Now they are back, celebrating their 20th anniversary and the upcoming second season of the new Teletubbies, designed to appeal to today’s tech savvy toddlers. New features include the Tubby Phone smartphone and touch screen tummies. The Teletubbies can be seen on Nick Jr. weekdays at 9:47am.

Best Kids Hair Cut - DOWNTOWN

When you need a kid friendly hair salon that caters to your fussy little ones, look no further. This downtown chic children's hair salon and kids boutique will become your go-to. 

I took my older son all the time when he was little. He was very active and had a hard time sitting still for more than a second so needless to say I was worried when he needed a haircut. But no need to worry here. At Doodle Doo's there is an assortment of kids movies/shows to pick from at each hair cutting station. And if that isn't enough to occupy your little one for 10 minutes then there is someone to personally blow little bubbles or play a game with them to keep them still. Plus the chairs are fun to sit in and pretend to drive a taxi or firetruck! 

Although Brent is a very calm baby, I wanted him to follow in his brothers footsteps when he needed his first trim. Brent loved driving the taxi and watching the Wiggles while his baby curls were clipped and coiffed. And I only saw it fit that Brycen came along for a little trim himself. Brycen's favorite part these days are all the toys and gifts (I always stock up on the latest and greatest kids toys here for upcoming birthday parties and also on there VAST assortment of girls  bows of all sizes and colors). 

Check out my boys and their matching doo's!!


NEW YORK, NY 10014

(212) 627-DOOS (3667)

At Home Ear Piercing

When is the right time to pierce your daughter's ears? This is an individual choice. 

Some people think its better to do it when they are babies so they won't remember. Others think it's better to wait until they are much older.

Well for us it happened naturally. Brinkley got to the age when she wanted to get it done and kept asking, so one day I decided to do it. I called the local ear piercing salon which is in Soho and found out that every Friday they do house calls. It was Friday so she had an open appointment and she was at my house a few hours later. I got lucky so call in advance to book an appointment.

Clinical Ear Piercing was founded by Rachel Smith, a registered nurse. And she really did take amazing care of Brinkley. She was so calm and patient. It made this heart wrenching process so painless and serene. 

She used numbing gel on Brinkley and brought an assortment of earring choices. It was in the comfort of our own home which also helped with anxiety.  However, I've heard the salon in Soho is also very tranquil. 

Brinkley was the perfect patient thanks to Rachel!! 

Have any questions or concerns? Or know any other good ear piercing salons in downtown NYC? Let us know! Write to us in the comments section below.