The Boss Baby, Arriving March 31... THIS FRIDAY!

It is not everyday that you get invited to the NYC screening of the movie your kids have been watching the trailer of for the past few months and just dying to see, Dreamworks The Boss Baby!! Thanks to The Moms for allowing me to be part of this adorable Mamarazzi Event! And Subway for feeding my hungry children a delicious lunch after the movie!

This movie is exactly what my family is dealing with right now, The Boss Baby!! Because we have a little boss baby of our very own.

We just love everything about this movie and quote it numerous times a day! Our favorites are "I don't wear nautical" and "Cookies are for closers" and of course the all time favorite, "Meet your new baby BROOOOTTTHEERRR".. We always make each other laugh saying these quotes and we were trilled to see the entire movie. It brings a lot of laughs but some tears when you realize that bond between siblings is so very special. 

This movie is a must see and it just as enjoyable for a parent as it is for the kids. I love the imagination and innuendos that are apparent throughout. Also, getting to meet the voice of Tim, the older brother, and the movies writer and director really was the icing on the cake. But the cake itself was meeting The Boss Baby himself! Check out the fun pictures we took with him! 

An over all blast! The Boss Baby arrives in theaters this Friday, March 31st!