Liberty Science Center - New Mythbusters Exhibit

When my kids heard that we were headed to the Liberty Science Center to check out their new MythBusters Exhibit, they could barely contain themselves.

The Liberty Science Center is a staple for educational fun for my family. I have been taking them here since they were both in diapers. Now that they are 6 and 8 years old, they still get this overwhelming excitement that is so such a joy to watch. And now, we are introducing my newest little guy Brent, 17 months, to this awesome experience.

There are so many great exhibits year after year, but this year the Liberty Science Center is now introducing the new MythBusters Exhibit based off the hit television series and it gives fans a chance to actually be a MythBuster! So cool, right?!

MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition is decked out to look like the operations room of the show's set and showcases more than 60 artifacts salvaged from more than 700 experiments done on the show. We were able to do real hand-on experiments with real results. And what kid doesn't like to get there hands on everything! There are over a dozen actual myths, seen on MythBusters, that you can try out. Like the Airplane Conveyor Belt which tests if an airplane can actually take off if it's on a conveyer belt going in the opposite direction at the same speed. As well as the Butter Side Up test which is something I've always wanted to try, where you pull a table cloth out from under the plates and glasses without spilling anything and my daughters favorite, the Running in the Rain test that allows you to see if you actually get less wet by running in the rain as opposed to walking. 

Just to name a few, the myth busting display was a huge hit with my kids. They are so competitive to begin with but you give them a challenge, and they will rise to it! And Brinkley did just that by proving you can actually pull a table cloth out from under plates and glasses with out spilling them! Take that MythBusters!! 

This exhibit is open now through September 4th 2017, so don't miss it! 

The kids didn't stop there, there are so many great things to explore year round. The most popular stops for us are in the lobby looking at the Hoberman Sphere and actually controlling it on the 2nd floor via a remote control panel. As well as the Tornado Stimulator which is like going head-on into an actual tornado, the I Explore room where kids get to learn and engage in an interactive environment designed just for them, and their ultimate favorite the Touch and Learn Tunnel which is a pitch black crawl tunnel that let's you test out your sense of touch... and nothing else!

The Liberty Science Center is a must do for children of all ages. There is something for everyone and sometimes I wonder who is actually having more fun, them or me! I try everything too and it is always a great day when we get to visit this amazing place. We can't wait to go back again. Don't miss the new MythBusters Exhibit and the new Mind-Bending Illusion Exhibit that will make you look twice, an investigation how perception defines the way we see, feel, think and understand the world.