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Spelling is more fun when you practice it with sea creatures! Your child will have such a good time doing this Under the Sea themed crossword, he/she will hardly realize she's learning! Looking for more? has a great collection of spelling games that kids love.

My kids don't always love doing homework, and I am sure you can relate. So getting them to do extra learning aside from a full day of school and homework, can be well, impossible. But we recently found these super fun spelling games from and I have to admit, my kids LOVE them and don't even realize they are leaning while doing them. 

Many nights after dinner,  I find our family has an extra half hour or so to kill before they hit the bath. We normally run down to the playroom in our building but at this time of day they really need to start unwinding and calming down. Running around at this hour only really riles them up. So, I decided to bring a handful of markers and these print outs down with us and the kids absolutely loved them! They see it as a game or activity without realizing they are doing more learning.


As the colder months are approaching I know these will come in handy on playdates, to kill a witching hour or just unwind after a pretty hectic day! 

I am grateful for site like this as I come from a long line of child educators in my family. My beloved grandmother was a public school teacher and my mother followed in her footsteps and continues to educate young minds. Letting the kids play games and learn at the same time is a win win! 

You may see some of these fun activities in my "mom" bag so I can pull them out when I need them! Check out these fun theme mazes that they have! So easy to print out and bring anywhere.

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