Back to School, Back to Reality. How to Save on School Fashions

Whats old is new again!

The long days of summer are behind us and we are up against the hectic reality of getting the kids ready for back to school. 

Picking out new backpacks and matching lunch boxes. Online shopping for the best deals on back to school fashions. Well... let me save you some time.. and MONEY!

We will all find ourselves buying the kids new clothes as the weather gets cooler. But who says you can't shop your own closets?! 

I just moved and found this out the hard way. Half (or MORE) of the clothes my kids own was never worn or SEEN. Its at the back of the closet or the bottom of the drawer. We are probably all guilty of this too; picking out the clean shirt at the top of the pile. Well, not anymore.

Find all those clothes and do a dress up party! See what fits the kids and what they've outgrown. Use all that unworn clothes to your advantage. And then find out what the kids "really" need. You'll wind up spending half (at least) on back to school clothes.