Sprinkles Playdate; Sugar, Sprinkles & Cupcakes, Oh My!!

Brinkley was in sugar heaven yesterday at FabGabBlog 's super sweet Sprinkled Themed Playdate. We were joined by a fellow NYC momma GothamLove and her two adorable daughters. 

The girls decorated cookies, ate Sprinkles' famous cupcakes and played with their new CharmIt cupcake shapes charms!! While wearing their Beach Town Baby adorable tees.

The girls just soaked up the fun and sweets which were so beautifully displayed by Stella from FabGabBlog and danced till their sugar highs ran low. Taking a moment to relax, the girls colored in their cupcakes and sprinkle coloring sheets with thoughtfully laid out Crayola Crayons in all shades of the sugary sweet pastels. 

And the party didn't stop there, the girls were all sent home with Real Cooking Kids kits to make their own cake-pops at home! 

With all the sugary confections making our heads spin the girls luckily didn't loose track of time due to their new slap watch bracelets from Watchitude that were in patterns of sweet and sugary dreams! Like gumballs, donuts and cupcakes! They also have an amazing boys line of watches too that my son loves. He wears the soccer ball print.

The girls finished off their playdate with a little game of hide and go seek which shook out the last of the sugar bugs! Watching them hide behind sheer drapes and only hiding halfway under the blanket was probably the sweetest part of the night for me. The girls had a blast and it was so much fun being able to attend such a beautifully orchestrated playdate; girly style.