Giant Gummy Heart


It’s no secret that Brinkley and I have a bit of a sweet tooth so making this was just so much fun! We both love being creative in the kitchen and getting this time together was so special. Plus, I love getting into the Valentine’s Day vibes. It makes celebrating the holiday much more memorable when you do something unique with the ones you love.


We gathered all of our favorite red gummy candies and were on a mission to make the largest, sweetest and gummiest Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped gummy ever! And I think we succeeded! So get ready to tempt your tastebuds with this delicious treat. And taste testing each candy is a must! Just ask Brinkley.


Thanks to our friends at Jet Black for helping us find all these supplies. We needed the perfect red colored candies and the large silicon mold so with one simple text to Jet Black, I received all the goodies in just a few days. Such a time saver for this busy mom! Need it, Text it, Get it!


This was fun to make together and see how it all melted together was like a science experiment. Plus, how fun is this to serve at your next Valentine’s Day party. ***Serve by cutting into small 1/2 cubes using a pizza cutter. If serving on a tray, coat the bottom of the tray with a thin layer of granulated sugar to avoid sticking to the bottom.


Here are the candies we used to make this:

  1. Red Coins

  2. Juju Red Coins

  3. Wild Cherry Gummy Rings

  4. Cherry Jelly Fruit Slices

  5. Gummy Bears

Layer as you' like into the Heart Shaped Silicone Baking Pan. Here is the link to a similar one..


Then bake at 375 degrees for approximately 30 minutes until most of the candies have melted together. A few of ours didn’t melt completely but once the mixture started to bubble its time to pull it out.


Let cool for a few hours or over night. Release gently from the mold and enjoy!

***Make sure the pieces are smaller than a grape to avoid any choking hazards with smaller kids.