Americana Ice Cream Sandwich DIY Tray

4th Of July Ice Cream Sandwich 10.jpg

I love entertaining and something exciting and delicious is always on the menu. That is exactly how I came up with this fun DIY Dessert Tray for this Independence Day. Not filled with your ordinary cookies and brownies, this tray is catered to the whimsical and fun crowd! 

4th Of July Ice Cream Sandwich.jpg

So, entertain your guests with this creative colorful RED, WHITE & BLUE dessert! Have everyone gather round and make their own festive creation. I love the idea of getting people involved and the kids will absolutely love this but all the adults will too!

4th Of July Ice Cream Sandwich 6.jpg

Set up a tray of your favorite chocolate chip cookies (ours are from the local market and are always fresh baked!), a quart of the best vanilla ice-cream and a few colorful sprinkles and watch as they all enjoy! Include the ice-cream scoop and napkins and this dessert tray will be a hit!

4th Of July Ice Cream Sandwich 7.jpg