5 Minutes for 5 Days - Give it to Me!

I really don't have time to work out like I would like to. Yea, I do like to work out. Maybe I'm crazy but don't blame me. I got it from my dad... he still is doing triathlons and always said running (very long distances) relaxed him. I also find peace by busting by ass in a hard core work out. Ok crazy as it might seem... But I rarely find time to even get to the gym. Let alone do a class or bootcamp. So I've figured out how to squeeze in workouts like this quick 5 minute sequence. I have been doing this every day because I'm going to be sitting on the beach in less than a week. And I really think its by far the quickest and easiest core workout around. And even with three kids... I can find 5 min! Well I may do this while I'm watching the baby. But he likes watching mommy do funny dances! 

PS Don't look at the clock. This may take you 7 minutes. But do it at your own pace and make the most of this time.

1. 20 Reverse Bicycle Crunches (same as bicycle crunches but legs go under and up!) These really work your lower abs!

2. 20 Squats with High Kicks - Alternate legs *note- focus on your core while you kick. These work your abs!! 

3. 20 Reverse Bicycle Crunches - AGAIN

4. 20 Squats with High Kicks - AGAIN

5. Hold plank for 1 min - If you have it in you and you have the time!

Come on ladies! You can do it!