Running With The Baby

I really love to run and the last few weeks have been good for me. I've been running a few times a week with the baby in the stroller. I normally drop the big kids off at school around 8:20 and am on the running path by 8:30. I can squeeze in about a mile before the baby starts getting restless. 

I have been thinking about joining the local bootcamp class but I haven't yet. I think I'll stick to the ease of "my" schedule and doing it when I have the energy/time. 

Making the time to run in the mornings has been good for my mental health also. I really do believe it helps calm the body and release negative energy. 

BTW I don't have a running stroller and have just been using my Bugaboo. It seems to do the job just fine and I don't think its necessary for small (1-3 mile runs) to invest in a running stroller. However, if you are putting in the miles with the little ones you should probably use something more suitable for running longer distances.

What motivates you? Leave your thoughts/comments below!