Healthy Growth and Development with Culturelle


There are not many brands that I can honestly say I swear by, but Culturelle is one of them. Not only because it’s the number one pediatrican recommended brand* but having tried other brands of probiotics, we have come to rely on the quality of Culturelle. They are the brand we trust most for Adults, Kids and now baby. Culturelle has launched a new line of Baby Probiotics with products created to help build a strong foundation for your baby’s healthy growth and development from the start.


Probiotics help with digestive and immune health and are the healthy bacteria that are formed naturally in your digestive track. There are many things that can impact your digestive health so taking a probiotic everyday can keep that inline. There are food that are rich in probiotics like yogurt but not all of us are consuming enough to have the same results.


Having a healthy digestive track is even proven to help your body’s immune system. So with the cold weathering approaching quickly, that’s one more reason to stock up or introduce this into your baby’s routine. Plus the drops are quick and easy!


Not sure why Culturelle is our favorite? Well it uses the probiotic called LGG. LGG is the most studied probiotic strain in the world and is the best one to help support digestion and immune health. It’s gentle and has ingredients that work naturally with your little one’s body.

IMG_3465 2.JPG

Not sure why to trust Culturelle? Its made from safe and gentle ingredients that work naturally with your baby’s body.**


Culturelle created this line of products to specifically help your growing baby to build a strong foundation. I wish this was around when my older two kids were little!!


Not sure which product to choose? Well, they’ve made it easy.. Here is how to determine which is best for your baby…

Grow and Thrive

o   Promotes the development of a healthy digestive and immune system

o   Combined with Vitamin D, an important nutrient for babies to help them build strong bones.

Calm and Comfort:

o   Helps reduce crying and fussiness due to occasional digestive upset

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*Based on a 2016 survey among pediatricians recommending a kids probiotic brand

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.