Surfs Up! SurfSet Fitness and #SESimply with Mom Trends

Let's catch the party wave!! I picked up some surfer lingo at this totally rad surf class last week at Surfset. When I heard I'd be surfing I wasn't sure what to expect. I had never been on a surf board before but I was excited to try it!

It was such a fun class and I was actually sweating after only the first 10 minutes! Balancing on the board takes a ton of core strength and focus. I had so much fun learning to surf with moves like, kick the shark and the paddle, all derived from actual techniques surfers use in the ocean! How totally awesome is that?!

The atmosphere was set with is giant wave screen and Surfing USA by the Beach Boys was blasting from the speakers. But, what really got me in the zone to hang 10, was the Mermaid Crown Bar by Crowns by Christy. I had so much fun picking out the perfect mix of starfish & seashells. 

After a hard workout I don't always have time to run home to change or shower. I also, don't love showering at the gym but with Simply Summer Eve's new line of cleaners and cloths I can freshen up quickly and on the go. 

My ultimate favorite is the Simply Summer's Eve Gentle Foaming Wash that I've been using in the tropical new coconut scent which I just love. It's sweet and subtle. I know that washing with harsh chemicals can really irritate me and this new line is pH balanced to your body and is hypoallergenic. The cleaning cloths are perfect for on the go and come in the same amazing scents! These products will be nationwide in May 2017.