Looks for Less!

Create the looks of the season using pieces from your own closet!

You probably have a few pairs of jeans & a tee-shirt or two in your closet that you never wear! Well let's recreate them into something super chic and stylish! Why let them go to waste?

I recently scoured the web for a relatively inexpensive pair of the latest jeans with the uneven & frayed hem. I did't find anything I loved and decided this is a look I can make myself. And here are the easy steps so you can too! 

What you'll need:

  1. Sharp scissors that will cut fabric
  2. Seam ripper or pointy scissors (like nail scissors)
  3. Iron

Here are the steps you will take:

  1. Rip the hem seam open with the seam ripper or nail scissors
  2. Iron the hem flat. If the hem doesn't lay flat, you can try dampening the hem and then iron.
  3. Using your sharp/fabric scissors cut the front of the hem about an inch up along the side-seams. Make sure you leave the back of the pants longer. 
  4. Fray the cut edges to create the look we are all lusting over right now!
  5. Then, add holes or distressing to the pant legs as desired. (My jeans already had some holes & distressing but I cut open one of the holes and made it much bigger to emulate the look of the jeans I wanted!) 
  6. Tip - YOU CAN ALWAYS ADD MORE HOLES BUT YOU CAN NEVER TAKE AWAY HOLES. So keep trying the jeans on and making sure you like what you are doing before you do it. But let loose and have fun! Remember, you never wore these jeans anyway, they've been just sitting in your closet collecting dust.
  7. Finally, WASH the jeans. This will help make all the edges look more worn and help them fray more.  

For the shirt, I used an old white tee shirt I bought for the summer but it wasn't the best fit and I rarely wore it. I've been lusting after the distressed white tee for a while now. I have one that I wear to workout but it's a little dingy looking now and I didn't want to invest in a new one.

So take your seam ripper and scissors and get to work!

  1. First, start with distressing the seams & hems of the sleeves and bottom of the tee. Cut small slits in them and small holes.
  2. Then take your seam ripper or nail scissors and create holes along the neckline and above the hem.
  3. Make small holes with seam ripper or nail scissors on the body of the shirt. Space the holes around unevenly on the front and back of the tee. *You can create the small holes by just pulling up on a couple of thread and cutting them... These aren't large holes; mostly small little nicks and cuts. Make them different sizes to create your desired look.
  4. Finally, I cut the side-seam to open up the hem of the shirt. I never liked how it sat on my hips so the was my chance to make it what I liked! 
  5. This is something you can wear all season long!!

Here is how to tie the look all together!

Get the rest of this look!
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By the way! Try an old college tee or black jeans.. this look with work on any of them! Just use my pictures as inspiration and have fun!