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Pant Lulu Lemon, Top Lulu Lemon , Shoes Nike , Denim Jacket , Sunglasses Illesteva

Don't have time to change after squeezing in a morning workout? Or maybe you plan on working out later in the day? Or maybe you are just wearing your workout clothes because you'll be "running" around with the kids all day and want to be comfortable. 

Well, here are 3 quick ideas that will help you dress up even the most comfortable of outfits.

Three Do's -

  1. Add a layering piece - Jacket, sweater, and long sleeve shirt can be worn or tied around your waste
  2. Sunglasses - sunglasses are a must after a workout. They automatically make you look stylish and can either be worn or just used as an accessory. 
  3. Let that hair down! - Shake out your hair and add some dry shampoo. It will automatically liven up your look.