Chic Sugar's Sweet Cake Party

Brinkley's and Brent's birthdays are in the same week. I debated having two separate parties but realized that it would be best for everyone if I combined them... I mean come on! Who wants to throw two parties within a week of each other? And also make our friends and family come back twice. Well anyway... I did decide to have my daughters 6th birthday together with my baby's 1st birthday. The venue was easy... it's the public space in our high rise building called The Lounge. It's on the 7th floor right off the indoor pool and gym. And features a private terrace, kitchen, fireplace and pool table. I've actually thrown all the children's 1st birthdays here and was pretty excited to be following in tradition for our newest addition.

So we called our favorite cake decorator and let the planning begin!

Chic Sugar is an amazing cake decorating company. We meet almost 8 years ago when we called her to do Brycen's 1st birthday cake. She also did Brinkley's cake one year and has done them for other birthdays here and there. We knew she'd be able to pull off a "Shimmer and Shine" cake for Brinkley and also replicate the same "BMW" car cake that she made for Brycen, for Brent! Some how in all the talks we collaborated on the idea of her doing cake decorating for the kids and my daughter couldn't be happier! She loves anything sweet and is so into baking and decorating that this was her dream birthday party. And Chic Sugars did not disappoint. She surpassed my wildest dreams and came with boxes and bags full of stencils and molds.. every color in the rainbow colored cakes and fondant for the kids. The decorating table was swarmed with children of all ages just antsy to get their hands dirty! I love cake decorating myself and was seriously jeleous i couldn't get in on the action. But Brent was a little too young for this and we had a music class on the other side of the room for the babies. 

If you ever need a gorgeous custom cake (that is also as equally delicious BTW!) or are also interested in throwing a cake party for your little ones, you can check them out a

Family Movie Night

Do's - 

1. Pick a movie everyone will enjoy - If this becomes a battle amongst the kids try picking a few choices and then rotating who chooses or having them choose together earlier that day so they aren't fighting over the movie right before you are ready to start. 

2. Try the classics - Show them movies that you loved as a child!

3. Set the stage - Make the atmosphere conducive to watching a movie. Make it special and fun! Try getting extra large pillows and blankets so everyone can cuddle up and enjoy!

4. Popcorn, candy and drinks - We always have popcorn, candy and drinks which makes it feel like a real movie. See my post under DIY popcorn party for tips on candy for the kids!

5. Make it a bonding experience - Who does't love to cuddle with the kids. Make it a special and memorable time. It's not just movie night; its a time you are all together relaxing as a family. And thats pretty cool. 


1. Try not to pick movies that may bore the kids. If they lose interest, movie night is over :( So let them weigh in.

2. Don't expect the kids to sit and watch a movie if they have been in all day. Try getting them out for a long walk or park time before the movie so they are eager to sit and relax. 

3. Candy- Giving the kids too much candy at night can be bad for everyone. The sugar rush won't help the littles sit still either. I'm not saying don't offer candy but just be aware of how much they consume!!