Family Movie Night

Do's - 

1. Pick a movie everyone will enjoy - If this becomes a battle amongst the kids try picking a few choices and then rotating who chooses or having them choose together earlier that day so they aren't fighting over the movie right before you are ready to start. 

2. Try the classics - Show them movies that you loved as a child!

3. Set the stage - Make the atmosphere conducive to watching a movie. Make it special and fun! Try getting extra large pillows and blankets so everyone can cuddle up and enjoy!

4. Popcorn, candy and drinks - We always have popcorn, candy and drinks which makes it feel like a real movie. See my post under DIY popcorn party for tips on candy for the kids!

5. Make it a bonding experience - Who does't love to cuddle with the kids. Make it a special and memorable time. It's not just movie night; its a time you are all together relaxing as a family. And thats pretty cool. 


1. Try not to pick movies that may bore the kids. If they lose interest, movie night is over :( So let them weigh in.

2. Don't expect the kids to sit and watch a movie if they have been in all day. Try getting them out for a long walk or park time before the movie so they are eager to sit and relax. 

3. Candy- Giving the kids too much candy at night can be bad for everyone. The sugar rush won't help the littles sit still either. I'm not saying don't offer candy but just be aware of how much they consume!!