Perfect (And easy!) Fall Dinner Menu


Hosting a few friends for an intimate dinner? Or just want to make a nice family dinner for the family… here is a super delicious, quick and easy fall inspired menu that will have everyone asking for seconds. Fall is here but the weather is still saying its summer! Here is perfect menu to introduced you back into the Fall flavors.

Hors d’oeuvres -

Fall Menu 12.jpg

I always love a good charcuterie board! We call it our “spread”… and I always put one together when we are hosting friends or family. It consists of either crackers or sliced baguette with a nice thinly sliced cured meet. My husband and I both love speck but you can definitely do the typical prosciutto. Then I add a couple branches of seasonal grapes and an assortment of cheeses.. My favorites are always an aged cloth bound cheddar (hard cheese), a nutty gouda with the crunchies in it! (which is actually just calcium lactate crystals) but we love them… and a nice softer cheese for example a goat cheese or brie. To top off my “spread” I always add a salty cornichon which is just a fancy way to say tiny pickle and some delicious Italian olives. Although I like most olives so any will do!


Fall Menu 13.jpg

This pairs well with most cocktails. Most guests will love a glass of wine but to make the evening special I try to always add a specialty cocktail. And this season I am just obsessed with anything blood orange. It started when I had my first blood orange margarita and I just love playing with that delicious flavor. So I tried the blood orange gin by Malfy and mixed up the perfect vibrantly colored cocktail. To add a super “Fall” flavor I added a few grates of a fresh cinnamon stick. Then top if off with a crisp refreshing tonic, a splash of blood orange juice for sweetness and there you have it! Garnish with a thinly sliced blood orange if you are really looking to wow your guests!

Fall Menu 14.jpg

Dinner -

Once everyone is ready for dinner I love doing family style... Large plates or bowls placed all over the table and everyone can help themselves. I love the vibe of a casual dining experience and want everyone to enjoy themselves!

Fall Menu 5.jpg

Appetizer -

My husband is the foodie in our family and he’s been really into adding peaches to our salads. I love this idea because it’s so delicious and so unexpected. Get a nice bunch of mixed greens, add a few cut up pieces of peaches and mix up a light vinaigrette (my favorite is equal parts balsamic vinegar and olive oil, harty pinch of salt & pepper and little pinch of mustard powder).. simple and super yummy!

Fall Menu 4.jpg
Fall Menu 7.jpg

Main Course -

For the main dish, one of my favorite dishes, Sage Butter Pasta. I love getting a fun colorful batch of pasta from the gourmet market. I don’t buy this often but everyone in my house gets excited about it and just having the best ingredients makes all the difference. But the butter sauce will be the best part! Add 1/2 stick of butter (we’ve been using this farm bought fresh butter and just love it, but any butter will do) and handful of sage (fresh herbs ONLY!!) to a medium sized sauce pan over medium heat. Cook this down until the sage begins to look darker and crisp… The butter should be a beautiful light brown color. Combine with pasta and finish by topping it off with some fresh grated parmesan.

Fall Menu 9.jpg
Fall Menu 11.jpg
Fall Menu 0.jpg


Whats better than a nice bowl of fresh berries. We alway mix strawberries, blueberries and a few delicious blackberries. But to make this super special try adding peaches and a lovely coating of sabayon. Ugh, this is my favorite and it’s actually so simple to make! Here is our recipe… 7 egg yokes, half teaspoon of vanilla extract, 1 cup of sugar, tablespoon of amaretto liquor and wisk for 11 minutes using a double burner. Voila!!

fall menu 00.jpg

Happy Eating!! Please share your favorite fall recipes below!