Create the Perfect Hostess Gift Box

gift box 9.jpg

The holiday parties are in full swing! I always love to bring the host or hostess a little gift to thank them for their hospitality. Sometimes, depending on the type of party, I will bring a nice bottle of wine or a candle. Other times I will bring baked good or cupcakes. All of these options are great and I am sure the recipient will be grateful. But if you REALLY want to show your appreciation, try this amazing “The Next Morning” Gift Box.

gift box 11.jpg

I came up with this idea after realizing that many people bring wine and baked goods to events but what the host really needs is something quick and easy for the next morning! Because you know they were up late cleaning up after the party. This way, you’ve got them covered! From Holiday Blend Coffee to a simple baking kit like the Monkey Bread I’ve included. Now this is a gift that they’ll appreciate! Especially if they have guests saying over, which many people do over the holidays.

gift box 2.jpg

Here is what I’ve included:

  1. Monkey Bread Baking Kit (Also try pancake or muffin mix)

  2. Jams or spreads for the bread (Pancake syrup if you do the pancake mix)

  3. Holiday Blend Coffee

  4. A Holiday Mug

  5. Joyful Message Plate

  6. Nutcracker Spreader Knife

  7. Holiday Kitchen Napkins (Or Apron would work too)

gift box 6.jpg

Then, pick up a glittery box from the craft store. Or if you can’t find one then make one from a shoe box and cover with glitter paper or wrapping paper.

Fill the bottom with paper shreds or tissue paper. Then delicately place each item in the box neatly as I did to display the items but also so they say in place during transport.

gift box 4.jpg
gift box 5.jpg
gift box 12.jpg
gift box 10.jpg

Make sure to hand this to the Host or Hostess like you would a cake or wine bottle as to not get misplaced with all the holiday gifts. Plus, some items may be delicate like the porcelain mug or plate.

gift box 3.jpg

Happy Holidays, I hope you all enjoy!