, A Truly Custom Invite Instantly

Planning an event? Need a personalized invite? Look no further... let's you customize it easily and without the hassle! It's really not so basic at all...

Whether you are planning a baby shower for one of your oldest friends or need that iconic first birthday invite for your little one, Basic Invite gives you the tools to highlight the importance of that day your way. 

I have planned so many parties and it always starts with the way the invitation looks. It really sets the mood and the theme for the event. Normally, I go online and browse around all the pre-fab invites that cater to that specific party theme.  Searching things like "boy baby shower" or "girls princess party" and I see what the various sites have to offer. Sometimes I find something that works with my theme and colors but most of the time I settle on what is available. But with Basic Invite you don't have to settle anymore. I love being creative and now I get to do that and make the invite the exact way I want it. The best part is the you get to see just how the invite will look so you can play around with the background and font colors  as much as you'd like until you find the perfect match. They even let you order just ONE copy of it so make sure it is exactly what you envisioned. 

It really is easy and takes very little time. Even if you don't know exactly what you want going into it, you'll love exploring the options that they have for you to choose from. Even allowing you to change the color of the envelope. I just love that feature!

See how I changed the original dark grey option they have and made it go with a pale pink and grey color scheme! They also have many colors and options to choose from so you can customize it as much or as little as you need. Plus, the prices are great!! A win, win!

When a generic party invite just wouldn't cut it, try Basic Invite for your next gathering.

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