Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula is A Stretch Mark Superstar!


No one said pregnancy was easy but now you'll have one less thing to worry about! Say good bye to unwanted stretch marks with Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula's new line featuring an updated version of the ever popular Tummy Butter, a new Massage Lotion and a concentrated Massage Cream. I was so lucky to recenty attend their beautiful launch event at Maman in Tribeca with the wonderful Palmer's team and a whole bunch of gorgeous mommas and mommas to-be!


I love beauty products and taking care of my skin. It's just something I have always done, lotioning up morning and night. And with all of my pregnancies, my go-to was Palmer's Tummy Butter. The smell alone brings back so many heart felt memories! Their Tummy Butter is great for nighttime use and the new formula offers a rich treatment for maximum hydration to the tummy area. The soothing scent helps promote relaxation. Plus it's the No.1 stretch mark brand in the U.S. so of course I was going to use it to help prevent stretch marks from forming on my ever growing belly... but don't stop there! I would recommend Palmer's for all those growing areas; hips, bum, breasts just to name a few. 


And for that they have created Massage Cream for Stretch Marks. The tummy is not the only thing growing during pregnancy and this concentrated formula is ideal for all those stretch mark prone areas. It keeps skin moisturized for 48 hours and helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks. This formula is also perfect to use after pregnancy while your body is fluctuating and adjusting. 


Need a lightweight daily formula? The Massage Lotion is perfect for that. It's non-greasy and helps improve the skins elasticity and helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks during and after pregnancy. This product is great for all over use and is infused with natural butters, pure oils and antioxidants. Keeping skin hydrated for up to 48 hours and supple for stretching more easily!


During pregnancy your skin stretches and becomes delicate.  Pregnancy hormones can also weaken the collagen and elastin in your skin but the new Palmer's formula was designed to battle that. Plus, they have made it even more natural!! The new enhanced formulas not only combat stretch marks but create a soft suppleness that all moms-to-be are craving!

Now more than ever, I am noticing myself checking out ingredients and looking for more natural options. I was so excited to hear that this new line is free from mineral oil, parabens, phthalates, phenoxyethanol and synthetic dyes. Which you don't want for yourself or your new little baby growing inside. 


You may need to stock up on your next trip to the drug store and all products in this line retail for $8 and less. AMAZING!