Summer Skin Must Haves

I love all types of skin care products but these are my top faves! They are SO perfect for summer and will have your skin glowing from head to toe!

For the delicate skin on my face I am a little pickier than normal on trying new things. I try not to overdo it on moisturizers and find that less is sometimes more when it comes to applying them.  
That's why I just love these products by No7 Makeup. They have covered every necessity for keeping your skin beautiful all summer long!

What's behind door number 1 you ask?!! Checkout this fun summer necessity kit that No7 just sent over! I have been using these products for the last few weeks and they are amazing. Check out all the details below.

  1. No7 Facial Hydrating Water Spray - Pack this in your beach bag and use this throughout the day to help give your skin a boost of moisture and hydration. It is light and refreshing!
  2. No7 Protect Perfect Intense Eye Cream - This will make your tired eyes pop and helps with fine lines and wrinkles.
  3. No7 Airbrush Away Pore Minimizing Primer  - Can be worn alone or under your foundation. Help minimize shine and leaves skin looking picture perfect.
  4. No7 Quick Thinking Wipes- The heat makes my makeup smudge and these have helped with removing unwanted mascara from under my eyes and is great at the end of the day to rid the skin of any leftover makeup or sunscreen. 
  5. No7 Protect Perfect Intense Advanced Day Cream spf-30- The sun can leave skin dry and patchy but this product will leave you looking glowy and dewy all day long!
  6. No7 Protect Perfect Intense Night Cream  - Apply this to the face and neck at night. I have noticed it has helped my skin look healthy and nourished in the morning!

Also, for the body I am just loving these products right now. They have that perfect summer fresh scent that you'll love plus they leave your feeling soft and supple.  Because we all know we are all showing off more skin these days!! 

  1. Sun Bum Cool Down- Perfect to apply at night after being the sun all day. Has aloe to sootheskin.
  2. Ogx Creamy Coconut Oil Lotion- My go-to night cream. It's not too thick or greasy but is super moisturizing. You will love the feeling and scent! 
  3. Bath & Body Works At The Beach Sand & Sea Salt Scrub- Makes you feel like you are at the beach! Use in the shower to remove excess dry skin.
  4. Bath & Body Works At The Beach 24 Hour Moisture-  I love this lotion for everyday use. It's light and fresh and makes you smell amazing!