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Being a mom of three I know how hard it is to get kids of all ages to eat healthy. That’s why I am so in love with Little Foodie Club. This baby food delivery company takes the guess work out of introducing solid foods to your baby. Which is challenging in and of itself. I mean where do you start? Make your own, buy store bought purées? Well, trust that obsessive foodie, mom and internationally acclaimed food writer and journalist, Kerstin Kühn, has done all the work for you!


Kerstin was inspired to create this company while cooking magical purées for her daughter, Maxine. With that inspiration she has created a 21 Days to Solids plan that helps you introduce your baby to solids with a new flavor each day. Look at the gorgeous colors and packaging!


There is an assortment of savory and sweet flavors ranging from sweet corn to broccoli to parsnip purees. According to Kerstin, fresh baby food is bright, colorful and diverse in taste and texture; qualities that not just stimulate a baby’s senses but also help to develop a preference for fresh rather than processed foods. Little Food Club pouches come labeled for each day in a perfect little serving size and can be stored in the freezer for up to 3 months. Starting your baby on solids doesn’t have to be stressful or confusing. With Little Food Club they make it fun and healthy from the very first bite! Gosh, why wasn’t this around when my kids were babies?!!

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Little Food Club has two food plans, a 4 months plus and 6 months plus. The stuggle to get my toddler to eat healthy is a testament that he wasn’t introduced to all flavors as a baby. I gave him the premade squeeze packaged babyfood much more so than I did with the older two. It’s just a fact of life, I had less time to prepare his food and I am noticing that his appetite reflects that currently.

According to Kerstin, research has also found that variety is key in developing a healthy and adventurous palate. All Little Foodie products are homemade in an industrial kitchen in small batches. The fruits and veggies are sourced locally and are all organic, do not have any preservatives and are salt free. Plus, there are vegan and vegetarian options. This is why Kerstin started Little Foodie Club, to offer parents a better choice when it comes to feeding their babies. Can we all say, thanks Kerstin!!

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Little Food Club’s diverse and unique range of baby purées takes care of a baby’s dietary needs and helps babies to develop a healthy and adventurous palate. If you don't have the time or inspiration to cook baby food (um, like me!) but want to feel confident that your baby is getting the best food possible, Little Foodie Club is a great option for you. Click here to learn more.

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Little Foodie Club Quality Checklist:


✔️We do not use any artificial ingredients, colorings, additives or preservatives and our purées are free of sugar and salt.

✔️Our purées do not contain soy, dairy or nuts (except coconut).

✔️All our food is prepared fresh from scratch in small batches.

✔️The food is flash frozen immediately after cooking, locking in all nutrients, freshness and flavor.

✔️We prepare and package all our food in a commercial kitchen in compliance with the highest possible health and safety standards.   

✔️Vegan & Veg options

*This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.