Affordable Fall Staples

I've been on the hunt for chic and comfy fall fashions that won't put a dent in your wallet. Here's an amazing outfit I picked up for tonight's mom's night out (that got cancelled BUMMER!!) But I'm offering up the details for all of you. Stay tuned for more of my affordable outfit ideas on the blog! 

BTW These faux leather leggings are so flattering and comfortable you can EAT whatever you'd like at your dinner date and they still look just as amazing. So go for it & enjoy!

The Start of Fall Fashion: Transitional Pieces

There have been a few days when you can feel the bit of chill in the air. And after all it is actually fall now. 

Here are a few key pieces you can use to help transition out of your summer wardrobe and into your fall fashions.

1. Cropped pant - Cropped jeans and pants are really trending right now. This look goes well with a small heel or wedge. Here I have on a pair of wide leg cropped pant by J.Crew.  This pant is light enough to wear during hot spell yet gives you the coverage you need on a chillier day.

2. Lace up sandal- Lace up the leg sandals and shoes have been here for a while but I don't see it going away any time soon. Try this with this seasons it pant.. the cropped/cut off jeans. They are a perfect match.

3. Long Layers- Last winter we saw this trend and I see it staying around for fall. Here I've layered on a soft & comfy maxi cashmere sweater over my tank and cropped pant. It's a nice match of summer chic but gearing up for the colder temperatures. 

*Thanks to Brinkley for taking this pic of mommy today so I could write this post:) 

Fitness Fashion

Get this look
Pant Lulu Lemon, Top Lulu Lemon , Shoes Nike , Denim Jacket , Sunglasses Illesteva

Don't have time to change after squeezing in a morning workout? Or maybe you plan on working out later in the day? Or maybe you are just wearing your workout clothes because you'll be "running" around with the kids all day and want to be comfortable. 

Well, here are 3 quick ideas that will help you dress up even the most comfortable of outfits.

Three Do's -

  1. Add a layering piece - Jacket, sweater, and long sleeve shirt can be worn or tied around your waste
  2. Sunglasses - sunglasses are a must after a workout. They automatically make you look stylish and can either be worn or just used as an accessory. 
  3. Let that hair down! - Shake out your hair and add some dry shampoo. It will automatically liven up your look.

My Summer BLUE Obsession Is Making Me Feel Anything but Blue

Get this look! Bathing Suit - Victoria Secret  Surrong- Gypsy Mermaid

Recently on our trip to the Dominican Republic I noticed I was wearing a lot more blue than normal. Something about the color of the water really inspired me. I love the ocean and love the Caribbean. Check out some of my favorite looks from my recent trip.

Destination Wedding Fashion

A few months ago my husband and I were invited to a super chic destination wedding in Tulum, Mexico.

The wedding couple are in the fashion industry so I first I thought about wearing something I already owned but after a quick mental debate I realized that wasn't going to work. 

I had a vision that I would "blend in" with the ocean and found a dress on google images that was from Alice and Olivia a few years back. It was ombre blues and the silhouette looked right on trend for this season... I was so disappointed I couldn't get my hands on it. I called the store and asked but of course there was no way of finding something so old and they referred me to eBay or something of the like. And so I started my search  and quickly found one in my size on Ebay so it must have been my lucky day!

I have never ordered something on eBay but I took the leap of faith and ordered it. It came from Korea about a week later and fit ok however I did do minor tailoring (I mentioned the wedding couple are fashion designers) so getting the dress to fit perfectly (or at least as best I could) was important.

I paired the dress with my Chloe pearl earrings and Diane Von Furstenburg gold and plastic heels.

My hair and makeup were super easy as I traveled the day of wedding and my hair was a little dirty. So I just did a sleek middle part and tucked the front behind my ears securing the hair with blonde colored bobbie pins to hold the look for the entire night (which was full of dancing and tequila). The makeup I did was shimmering and bronze to go along with the beach themed looked. Maybe it was a little mermaid inspired too...!!! Either way it was fun and beachy and the wedding was an overall blast. 

Cheers to the happy couple! 

Hot Mom, Mom Jeans

Yes! Mom jeans are back and they are better than ever.

I actually never would have thought that I would like this trend. I mean come on. We all know mom jeans are the ugliest and most unflattering jeans from the 90's. But as the trend started getting more main stream the more I realized that maybe its not really so bad after all. The best part is that the high waist covers your mommy tummy! Is that why they are called mom jeans in the first place? I'm not sure. But I was shopping in Soho one day and happened to see a cute pair of mom jean cut off shorts. They had all the elements of cool stylish jean shorts but they were high waisted and had the label Levi's "Weddie Fit"... I thought, thats strange? But gave it a go anyway. Well, lets just say my husband approved of these mom jeans! They really flatter your figure in all the right spots. They cover up the waist (or mommy tummy) and elongate your legs. I'm only 5'3" so I was psyched. For now I'm a fan of mom jeans however I suspect this trend might not stick around long. 

What's your take?